Optimizing Content Recycling for a Consumer Brand

PopSockets, a manufacturer of consumer electronics accessories, wanted to know which scenes in their 60 second digital video spot (Global 60) would perform best as standalone six second bumper ads on YouTube. This process of converting content designed for one platform or use case into another is called content recycling. It is an important tool for marketers who need to broadcast their messaging in a variety of mediums and on multiple platforms while staying within their creative budget. A common problem, though, is knowing what content is worth recycling! Rather than spending the time and money to convert all nine scenes into standalone ads and then conduct extensive multivariate testing to identify the best, we used Audience Signal Analytics to hone in on the optimal scenes within hours. Then we validated our data before sharing the results with the client.

The Approach

We first selected an opt-in panel of several hundred users of the Attently Audience platform, residing in the US, that were in PopSockets’ target demographic. Each panelist was exposed to the Global 60 ad, and quantitative measures of their responses were recorded using computer vision analysis of their webcam feeds. The resulting data were deidentified, cleaned, aggregated, and smoothed.

Attention and Happiness data from all panelists to PopSockets’ Global 60 video advertisement. Note the high levels of attention throughout, contrasted with the more variable emotional response.

Analysis of the data revealed that Global 60 did a great job of attracting and holding audience attention, ranking in the top quartile for Attention among the ads in Attently’s database. However, emotional engagement varied widely: of the nine scenes in the Global 60 spot, two generated significantly higher levels of emotional engagement among the audience, regardless of demographic. Even more interesting, these were not the two scenes which had originally been selected by PopSockets for conversion into bumper ads!

Data Validation

Before returning to PopSockets with our findings, we decided to validate the data to rule out the possibility that some scenes in Global 60 were affecting audience responses to other ones.

We made simple edits to Global 60, extracting the two scenes which generated the highest levels of emotional impact and resulting in the creation of two new six second bumper ads. We already had the two previously flighted bumper ads (also six seconds in length) which PopSockets had originally created from Global 60.

Next, we created four smaller panels from among the users of the Attently Audience platform who had not seen Global 60, again from within PopSockets’ target demographic. Each of these “validation panels” were exposed to one of the bumper ads we were testing: the two original ads (Global_6_DJ and Global_6_Namaste) and the two new ads (Fashion Better and Concert Better). The same data preparation and analyses were conducted to see if the predictions made after the initial test would be rejected.

The Results

Happiness levels of target demographic to various scenes extracted from Global 60. Notice the consistently high performance of Concert Better.

Both of the new ads (Fashion Better and Concert Better) received nearly double the attention that the original ads (Global_6_DJ and Global_6_Namaste) had received. In addition, levels of emotional engagement during Concert Better were nearly double those of the other three videos.

Attention levels of target demographic to various scenes extracted from Global 60.

These results, taken from a sample of the client’s target audience, validated our hypothesis that the spots we selected would generate higher levels of Attention and emotional engagement than the spots which were originally flighted.

The Value of Attention

Numerous studies have demonstrated to marketers the importance of capturing attention and emotionally engaging audiences. From upstream metrics like brand awareness and perception, to downstream metrics like sales lift and ROAS, the value is clear. Based on our findings, we recommend that PopSockets recycle the Concert Better and Fashion Better scenes from their Global 60 spot in order to maximize attention and emotional engagement and optimize their content recycling efforts.

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