Attention levels prove to be directly correlated with common success metrics for online video advertising has been putting out a lot of ads on YouTube lately, with “Manage any Team” and “Teamwork made Easy” capturing millions of views. But how do advertisers like know which ad is getting the most audience attention? And is attention predictive of social media engagement and other publicly available success metrics? We took a closer look to find out.

Clearly, “Teamwork made Easy” generated higher levels of average attention and emotional engagement. In addition, people who watched the entire ad were paying more attention by the end, rather than less (an upward trend in attention over time is correlated with greater social media engagement and overall ad effectiveness). This is in contrast with “Manage any Team”, where attention dropped throughout the ad, even among people who played the video all the way through.


Based on these data, we predicted that “Teamwork made Easy” was performing better on more standard success metrics, too. Because these videos have been in the market for weeks, we took a look at their YouTube view counts, likes/dislikes, and social media engagement. Sure enough, “Teamwork made Easy” generated much higher social media engagement and overall view counts. That’s likely a result of the team determining deciding to more heavily promote that ad based on internal success metrics; either way, attention levels proved yet again to be directly correlated with internal and/or external success metrics for online video advertising.

Directing more spend to the higher-performing ad is one way to use the information Attently provides. However, because of the granular nature of the data we collect (for instance, we measure attention and emotion levels between five and ten times per second), advertisers can also focus their attention on reworking the weakest scenes in the ad to bring its effectiveness up to the level of the winner.

Creative Suggestions

Below, we suggest three scenes to edit to improve “Manage any Team”.

Recommended scenes to edit in “Manage any Team”

We also highlighted and two scenes to edit to further improve “Teamwork made Easy”, as well as its most attention-grabbing scene.

To sum up: attention levels are highly correlated with common success metrics, like social media engagement, and this position is further corroborated by this examination of recent advertisements. In addition, by taking a granular look at what scenes are resonating emotionally (and which ones audiences are even paying attention to), creatives can hone in on easy fixes to improve the performance of their creative – even when it’s already in-market.