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Emotionally Intelligent Video
Pre-Testing in the Wild

Unforced Exposure

Your test ads are seamlessly inserted into our panelist’s ad pods as they watch their favorite shows on their own devices, allowing blind tests and eliminating the biases of laboratory testing.

Total Transparency

While they don’t know which ads are being tested, all panelists opt-in, are compensated for their data, and are in control of what’s shared. This transparency means brand safety for our clients.

Predict KPI Impact

Attently links the emotion and attention of viewers to changes in key brand metrics, predicting awareness, perception, sales lift and virality.

Wild Testing Environments

We believe the most valuable insights occur in a wild test environment. That’s why we never prompt our panelists to watch your ads. Instead, we seamlessly insert video ads into their normal flow of content so they never know which ads are being tested.

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Intelligent Targeting

We use AI to measure consumers’ attention and emotional response to your video creative, informing which platform, channel, ad spot, and audience demographic to target to achieve impact at scale.

Frequency Capping

High ad frequency can be damaging. We correlate frequency with attention and engagement to predict the optimal frequency cap to capture, and hold, consumers’ attention.

Brand Awareness

Brand placement is optimal in moments of high attention. Attently’s moment-to-moment attention insights tell you where to place your brand and product to maximize brand awareness and perception.

How we do it

We use computer vision AI to detect facial expressions, body language, and eye movement to accurately measure attention (if viewers are actually watching – not proxy measures), emotional response, and engagement. We use deep learning AI to sift through vast amounts of reaction data to generate insights into your video ad campaigns.

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