Create Campaign Messages That Win

Successful political and marketing campaigns start with a powerful message. Attently generates audience data to help you craft it.

Remember Everything

Attently generates recordings, transcripts, and audience feedback from your focus groups or events and organizes them all in one safe, convenient place..

Discover Secrets

Attently tracks a dozen different “signals” like attention, mood, and confusion from every member of the audience, allowing you to find out exactly what’s resonating with them- even if they’d never admit it.

Perfectly Targeted Messages

Use our demographic filters to see what words and phrases elicit the response you want from your target audience, then easily share the results with your team.

How It Works

Upload a video of your audience and get insights into how they felt at every moment.
Record a video of your audience and upload it to our secure servers.
Our algorithms detect how the mood of each audience member changed.
Make presentation changes based on the feedback you receive from our intuitive dashboard.

Why make your audience fill out surveys?
Their feedback is staring right at you.

Attently does the work of collecting and analyzing that information for you, without making your audience do a thing.

The Team

Developing audience signal analytics, for you.
Eric Solie
CEO, Founder
Erik Talvi
COO, Founder
Vincent Castro
CTO, Founder
Dustin Dodson
Data Integration Engineer
Ben Bettisworth
Senior Engagement Engineer
Laura Lundell
Data Analytics Intern

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