Measuring Attention to Online Video

We’re out in the wild with your audience, measuring what they’re paying attention to — and when they don’t.

Welcome to the attention economy

The digital video landscape is changing, and current viewability standards aren’t enough.

Viewability is a key currency in digital advertising that measures whether or not an ad had a chance to be seen by a user, and is based on the percent of the ad that was visible, and for how long. But what impact can an ad have if an audience isn’t paying attention? Attently tells advertisers how attentive and emotionally engaged their audience is moment-to-moment.

in-market attention measurement
Find out if viewers are actually paying attention to your in-market video advertisements.
See how your videos stack up to the competition and industry benchmarks.
Learn from the past to identify what worked and what didn’t - for you, and for your competition - to improve your creative strategy.
Which digital streaming service, content, spots, and pods are receiving the highest audience attention?
Find out which demographic is most attentive and engaged.
Test your videos pre-flight to know whether they'll fly or flop. Make light creative edits to improve attention and emotional engagement to maximize downstream results.

Increase your video ROI

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Upload videos

Have a video in production that you'd like to test? Upload it to our platform to rapidly assess it's impact.

Demographic Filtering

Slice and dice your data however you like on all major demographic axes.

New Metrics for the Attention Economy

Measure modern metrics: attention, emotional engagement, individual emotions, and more.

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Search videos in-market by brand, agency, or industry to see what's performed well in the past with your audience.

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