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Rapid Video Pre-testing

Adjust on the Fly

With our moment-to-moment analysis of audience attention and emotion, you’ll know exactly what to adjust pre-flight, saving thousands on wasted ad spend.

Intelligent Media Planning

Target the demographics and platforms where your content is generating the most attention with our demographic and media platform analysis.

Predict Performance

We correlate cognitive metrics to brand awareness, perception, and purchase intent so you can optimize and forecast future results.

Real World Test Environment

We believe the most valuable insights occur in a real world test environment. We run blind field tests with an opt-in online panel to measure their attention and emotional responses to both video ads and content online in a completely unobtrusive, privacy conscious, brand safe way.

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Industry Comparison

See how your video stacks up against others in your industry or genre, or against specific comparison videos (yours or the competition’s), across a wide variety of cognitive metrics.

In-market Insights

Find out how consumers are reacting to your videos in real-time to optimize your campaign, improve content recommendation engines, and improve campaign efficiencies.

How we do it

We use computer vision AI to detect facial expressions, body language, and eye movement to accurately measure attention, perception, and emotional engagement. We sift through vast amounts of reaction data to generate insights into how target audiences are perceiving your video.

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