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Audience Signal Analytics

Know how consumers really feel about your video advertising.

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Video Pre-Testing and Measurement in the Wild

Unforced Exposure

Your test ads are seamlessly inserted into our panelist’s ad pods as they watch their favorite shows on their own devices, allowing blind tests and eliminating the biases of laboratory testing.

Cross platform

Test how your ads will perform, wherever your target audience normally watches – TVs, computers, and mobile devices. Run A/B tests to see which devices to shift ad spend to- we even provide accurate co-viewing metrics on TV testing.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use Computer Vision and audio fingerprinting to quantitatively measure attention and emotional responses of panelists across a dozen metrics. We add follow-up surveys to test qualitative measures, such as recall and intent.


“Paying attention precedes a heightened chance of buying, making attention a predictor of sales impact.”

— Karen Nelson-Field, Phd. & globally recognized innovator in media research


Ensure your content or advertising is getting the attention, recall, and emotional responses you need for success. Test audience responses with Attently to accurately predict how your target audience will respond.


Increase return on ad spend with insights into in-market performance and creative wear. Get moment-to-moment insights into performance of your creative across a dozen metrics. Intelligently adjust your campaign strategy on the fly.

TV Networks

In this age of distraction, measurement of tune-in is no longer enough. Now, advertisers need to know if consumers are actually in front of the screen. With Attently, you can prove it.


Increase ad revenue by proving that your programs and ad pods capture audience attention. Use attention and demographic data to sell more targeted ad space.

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