Measuring Attention to Advertising Online

Attently is a real-time marketing analytics platform that measures when people are looking at your brand advertising online, and why.

Welcome to the digital attention economy

Brand advertising is meant to generate attention, not clicks, making it extremely difficult to measure. Attently measures the efficacy of brand advertising online by quantifying visual attention.

Every marketer knows that the click is insufficient for measuring brand advertising. Viewability standards and proxy metrics like hover states and time-in-view were each steps in the right direction. But now, we’re leaping beyond what’s possible to provide real-time visual attention metrics that show what people actually look at, for how long, at global scale.

in-market attention measurement
Find out if consumers are actually paying attention to your online advertisements
See how your ads stack up to the current competition and historical industry benchmarks
Learn from the past to improve future campaigns
Optimize for high-attention inventory with publisher, placement, and format level attention data
Understand what type of consumers are paying the most attention to your campaign
Optimize your media plan for attention mid-flight with creative-level attention data

Measure and Optimize directly for Attention

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Measure Visual Attention at Scale

With access to over 13 Million panelists in the US alone

All Digital Ad Formats

Measure and compare banner, rich media, video, and more


See what parts of your display and video assets are drawing the most attention

Passive Gaze Monitoring

We passively monitor panelists’ gaze while they browse online

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Panelist Access
Weekly ads & content
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